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Clear Bra/Paint Protection Film

Pro Wash Auto Spa provides Paint Protection Film for all cars, motorcycles and SUV’s. Also known as a Clear Bra, PPF guards against scrapes, scuffs and minor vehicle damage. It replaces the unsightly, outdated vinyl and leather bras used to protect the front of a vehicle and gives protection options for other areas. Major benefits of PPF include protection from damage caused by road debris such as rocks, salt, and insects. SunTek has developed a breakthrough technology which consists of a self-healing, scratch- and crack- resistant, high-gloss finish top coat. PPF also offers the second-to-none, virtually invisible clarity which is backed by a five- year manufacturer’s warranty.

Paint Protection Film in Columbia Maryland


Starting Price $650
• Installation takes approximately 5 hours
• Protects areas prone to damage (typically front bumper side mirrors, and approximately 18 to 24 inches of hood and fender cups


Starting Price $1300
• Installation takes approximately 10 hours
• Protects all areas in front of windshield (bumper, headlights, mirrors, full hood and fender, and windshield A-pillars)
• Overnight stay in shop recommended to allow complete setting process and additional inspection


• You decide where you want film on your vehicle – Anywhere from the roof cap to the rocker panels
• Installation time depends on services selected

* Starting Prices per area:

Partial Hood$300
Front Bumper$450
Full Hood$600
Full Door$250
Rear Bumper$400
Rocker Panels$300
Truck/Cargo Entry$100
Door Sills$100
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