• Odor
  • Pet Hair
  • Vomit/Feces/Urine
  • Vinyl/Leather Conditioner
  • Dressing
  • Fabric Protection


  • Salt/Mud Removal
  •  All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is Applied to the Undercarriage to remove mud and road soil. Product is allowed to soak for 10 mins. High Pressure water is then sprayed into wheel arches and undercarriage penetrating cracks and crevices in turn removing corrosion causing soils.
  • Engine Cleaning
    • Hood compartment is sprayed with multi-purpose degreaser and allowed to soak. Essential parts are scrubbed clean with a boars head brush to remove oil and dirt. Engine is then sprayed with high pressure water and dried with an air gun. Premium Engine dressing is applied for a lasting shine.
  • Headlight Restoration
    • A five-step process.
      1. Lenses are cleaned with a specifically formulated chemical to remove built-up dirt and grime to prepare the surface for restoration.
      2. Gradually increased grit wet-sanding is used to remove minor scratches, imperfections, and yellowing.
      3. Buffing with a cleaning compound eliminates any remaining fine scratches.
      4. Lenses are polished using a specialized polish to restore beauty and optical clarity.
      5. A sealant is applied to replace factory hard coat and protect lenses from future damage.
  • Aquapel
    • Designed to repel rain, ice, snow, dirt, and water marks by creating a bond with the window glass. The repellant increases visibility and decreases dangerous glare to provide a safer driving experience.
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