Marine Detailing

  1. The hull is washed and dried, all scuff, water run-off, and stains wiped away, the swim platform is treated, and the outboard motor is cleaned and degreased.
  2. The cabin receives a complete interior vacuum and wipe down for dirt, grime and mold removal including all floors, seats, and compartments. Carpets and seats are heated shampooed, and toilet, sink, and shower scrubbed and disinfected.
  3. The topside receives a scrubbing and waxing of the deck surfaces, the rub rail is cleaned and conditioned for revitalization, all bright-work is polished to a mirror-like reflectivity, isinglass and glass are cleaned.
  4. The boat carpet is heated shampooed, all vinyl is cleaned and conditioned to remove mold and grime and to prevent  future cracking, and all gauges, dials, and switches are cleaned of built-up salt and debris.
  5. Lastly, all exterior compartments are cleaned as well as all covers and biminis washed and treated.

RV/Bus/Limo Detailing

  1. The exterior will receive a thorough hand wash using techniques to remove any scuffs, water run off, stains, bugs, tar, and mild sap.
  2. The roof, plastic vents, and antenna are washed to remove built up dirt and debris. All door jambs are wiped and degreased and then the entire vehicle is chamois dried.
  3. The rims and tires are dressed, all chrome polished, and a cleaner wax with carnauba wax is applied to fiber glass surfaces.
  4. A complete interior vacuum of all floors, seats, and compartments is performed.
  5. All upholstered surfaces are heated shampooed and spots and stains removed from the headliner.
  6. Interior compartments are vacuumed and/or wiped and all vinyl, plastic, and leather cleaned and dressed.
  7. If applicable, the head components including toilet, sink and shower are scrubbed and disinfected.
  8. All exterior and interior mirrors and windows are cleaned to a clear and streak-free finish.
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