• Your vehicle will receive a thorough hand wash with a microfiber mitt and removal of bugs, tar, and mild sap from the front bumper, rearview mirrors, windshield, and lower panel.
  • The rims and tires are cleaned of brake dust and wheels and wheel wells are wiped down and the shine is restored.
  • A chamois is used to dry the vehicle to eliminate streaks and water spots.
  • Door jambs of the trunk, hood, and doors are wiped and degreased.
  • All exterior rubber seals are protected and conditioned to reduce future drying and cracking.

3 Step Process

Starting Price $150

Next, a 3-step process is used to completely restore all painted surfaces to a radiant finish.


Step One: A clay bar removes all contaminants and grime to create a smooth feel and glass-like finish.

Step Two: Paint is polished to its original brilliance by removing light scratches and minor oxidation.

Step Three: Carnauba wax is applied to protect the mirror-like finish of the showroom shine for 3 to 4 months. Upgrade available for 9 to 12 month, Polymer Sealant protection.

Paint Restoration

Starting Price $200 plus $50/hour

Paint Restoration starts with the 3-step process then followed by scratch removal through heavy compounding using a wool or waffle pad, high-speed buffing, and heat to mend scratches. A visual inspection is required prior to appointment.

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