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  • We are now proudly serving the residents of Howard, Baltimore, Prince Georges and Anne Arundel counties. Pro Wash Guarantees a “Great Shine Every Time!”

We are now proudly serving the residents of Howard, Baltimore, Prince Georges and Anne Arundel counties. Pro Wash Guarantees a “Great Shine Every Time!”

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
info@prowashautospallc.com or call us at 443-542-9439.

Testimonial: Miraculous Job!

I recieved a Xmas Gift Certificate from my wife and kids to have the total package done on my 97 Chevy Conversion Van. I thought it was a great gesture, but was pretty sure the Van had seen its last days of looking showroom clean. There was a substantial buildup of tree tar and road tar on the exterior which I had been unsuccessful at removing, there was wax build up from trying to do it myself over the years, and the interior was a complete disaster resulting from years of wear compliments of my 8 and 6 year old sons. Upon first setting eyes on the Van following its Spa treatment I was sure it was someone elses. It literally looked brandnew from top to bottom. This was true not only of the much neglected exterior, but the interior as well. I'm really not one who submits consumer comments, but in this case I felt I had to. These guys are beyond legit! If you try them out I can gaurantee you that you won't be sorry. Their services are worth every penny!!! Sincerely yours, David R. Thomas Program Administrator Domestic Violence Education Division of Public Safety Leadership Johns Hopkins University
David Thomas

I am a week late in writing my review but I am still impressed with the jet setter interior wash/detail I received from here. I recently bought my wife a new vehicle and I took over her 2006 honda coupe which her and my daughter damn near destroyed. The back seat of the car had crayons mashed and melted into the cup holder and a world full of food and dirt on the seats and floor. It would seem as though we had 3 kids instead the one 8 year old in that backseat. The front seats were equally as bad with dried liquids and various stains even a busted ketchup packet that dried into one of the cubbies upfront. When I say it was a mess I mean it was 4 years of nasty in this automobile. With all that said I've never ever felt better about spending 150 dollars for the jet setter interior package. Pro wash auto spa paid attention to every detail every single inch of the inside of the car including the trunk was SPOTLESS....I mean this car is now a brand new automobile on the inside....they got everything....you would never know that any of the things mentioned prior ever happened. My wife got back in the vehicle that day and almost wanted to trade me back our new car to take her coupe back. Pro wash auto spa is seriously the first place I've been to where I have been completely satisfied with my cars results. Rodney personally offered me a free car wash because on the day I came to pick it up it was raining heavy. You can bet from now on I won't take either of my vehicles anywhere else when it comes to wash and detail. They have a customer for life!!!!! You won't regret a visit here....NOT AT ALL!!!...
JoWie G.